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Creationist Ken Ham Wants You To Warn Kids Of Death And “Eternal Hell” This Halloween

It seems like Halloween is continually becoming more controversial and difficult to enjoy with each passing year. Now we’ve not only had parents petitioning to change the date of Halloween, but it looks like creationist Ken Ham is suggesting people scare children on Halloween by threatening them with “eternal damnation.”

“One way you can make the most of this once-a-year opportunity is by giving gospel tracts to children and/or their parents, along with candy and treats,” he wrote on his website.

This includes items you can purchase through Ham’s own store, including fake $1 million dollar bills that he claims are “worth far more than a million dollars,” because they contain images of dinosaurs or Noah’s Ark bursting through the front. And, better yet, are the messages written on the back.

“Have you ever lied, stolen or used God’s name in vain?” a message on the back of one of the bills reads. “If so, you’ve broken God’s law. The penalty for your crimes against God is death and eternal hell because God is holy and just.”

The bills, which he intends for kids, even warn against things like lust which he compares to adultery. “God sees you as guilty of sin,” one of the bills read. “The penalty of sin is death and eternity in hell.”

And of course, creationist Ken Ham also has several other items available through his site that he suggests buying to pass around for Halloween. A lot of it is in an effort to promote what he calls reverse trick-or-treating. And of course, the purpose of that is to stop what he calls the “evils of modern-day Halloween.” Right.

How do you feel about Ken Ham’s statements regarding Halloween? Are you surprised at the fake dollar bills he suggests giving to children? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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