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Ghostbusters 2020

Original ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast Confirmed For ‘Ghostbusters 2020′

One of the more exciting announcements in recent years has been next year’s new Ghostbusters movie currently going by the title of Ghostbusters 2020. The new film was revealed to be a sequel to the original two films and that it would ignore the failed remake from 2016. Obviously many fans were anxious to hear more about the concept and whether or not all of the surviving Ghostbusters cast members would be returning. Now we have our answer.

Dan Aykroyd has confirmed that the original Ghostbusters cast will all be returning for the new 2020 Ghostbusters sequel. This includes star Bill Murray, who was previously reluctant to ever star in a third film until he made a cameo appearance in the 2016 remake. Now it looks like that must’ve opened him up for returning in a true sequel, although we still don’t know in what capacity he’ll be appearing.

Dan Aykroyd specifically stated that alongside Bill Murray, actresses Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts have also finished shooting their scenes for the new movie. While he didn’t mention Ernie Hudson in the statement, Hudson himself said he was involved with the project earlier in the year.

Here’s what Aykroyd had to say regarding the story:

“Jason Reitman wrote a beautiful, heartfelt script that takes the real DNA from the first two movies and transfers that directly to the third, the next generation. It hands the legacy off to a new generation of stars, and players, and actors, and characters.”

It’s a nice reveal to know that the original Ghostbusters cast will all be returning. The cast and crew involved have all been very vague about who would be returning and what exactly the story is set to be. It’s also worth mentioning that we still don’t know if actor Rick Moranis will be coming back as Louis Tully. But even still, for the cast that is coming back for a sequel after all these years – it’s truly worth celebrating.

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Source: Greg Hill Show

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