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Kevin Conroy Crisis On Infinite Earths

‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ New Look Reveals Kevin Conroy’s Batman & More

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to The CW’s upcoming Arrowverse event titled Crisis on Infinite Earths. A new slew of images have been released which you can see below, and they contain one especially exciting reveal – our first look at actor Kevin Conroy portraying Batman for the first time in live action. Kevin Conroy has voiced the character of Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne for 25 years now in a variety of animated media, so finally getting to see him play the character in live action is a true treat.

As you can see in the image, which shows only the upper half of Kevin Conroy, it looks like he’s wearing a more futuristic version of Batman’s iconic armor. It’s clear that he’s intended to be a much older version of Bruce Wayne, and in the image he’s completely unmasked as well.

Of course, there isn’t much revealed about his version of the character from Crisis on Infinite Earths. But knowing that Kevin Conroy will be playing an older Bruce Wayne from the point of view of a more technologically advanced setting, it’ll essentially be a dream come true for fans. Especially those who have considered Kevin Conroy to be a longtime part of the Batman franchise and lore. If he can pull off the character in live action, then it’ll be something unheard of for such a scenario.

Aside from Kevin Conroy, the images also show Brandon Routh as Superman. He previously played that character in the less than successful reboot Superman Returns. And if that’s not enough, we also have actor Tyler Hoechlin returning as his version of Superman from the Supergirl television series. What’s more, actor Tom Welling is reprising his role from the Smallville television series.


It’s definitely shaping up to be an exciting crossover and return with many major characters and cast members coming into play. Hopefully the Crisis on Infinite Earths event lives up to expectations.

The event will be airing on The CW beginning on December 8.

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