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Crisis On Infinite Earths Michael Keaton batman

Michael Keaton’s Batman Spotted On Set Of ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ – Sort Of

Crisis On Infinite Earths is gearing up to be the most anticipated crossover ever. People thought Avengers: Endgame was huge. But this CW event will not only star actors from their DC shows but from other pieces of DC history as well. So since we have multiple Supermen, it looks like we’ll have a few Batmen as well. Not bad for something that started off trying to avoid DC’s heaviest hitters. Kevin Conroy will reprise his role from Batman: The Animated Series. And now, Michael Keaton’s face will also be in the event.

Arrowverse_DC tweeted the appearance from the upcoming Crisis On Infinite Earths. I know it’s not what you hoped for. But it still acknowledges Keaton’s Batman from the infinite Earths that CW will cover.

It also acknowledges Catwoman, too. So far, the villain/anti-hero/Batman-lover has yet to appear on CW’s many DC shows. However, with just a mere mention, it looks like we’ll have to wait a while longer.

Though, this mere mention is still something to be excited for. Keaton played one of the most favored from Batman fans. Conroy is up there, too. And just the fact that the CW will mention any Batmen is exciting.

Last year’s Elseworlds introduced us to Batwoman. When Barry Allen and Oliver Queen visited Gotham City, they geeked out over a superhero more famous than them. Just before that, Queen name-dropped Bruce Wayne in passing. But Elseworlds was the first time the Arrowverse actually acknowledged the existence of Batman. Though, Supergirl did say that her cousin had an ally with many gadgets and even more loose screws.

What do you think of the Arrowverse’s acknowledgment and dropping the name of one Michael Keaton? Sure, it would have been a lot cooler if he would show up alongside the many other actors that will. But this may be the closest we’ll get to ever snagging a cameo from the guy who lived long enough to become a villain.

Crisis on Infinite Earths starts on Sunday, December 8th with an episode of Supergirl. From there, it will carry across the other shows of the Arrowverse. Of course, it will feature the other elements from DC’s long on-screen history. And it’s an event so big, that it will take a couple of months to hold it. As such, it will end with an episode of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow each on January 14th. Hell, evidently it will even bring the Arrow house down, as the show will end shortly thereafter.

For further excitement and anticipation for Crisis, stay tuned to the bat-channel of Screen Geek.

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