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The Grudge

New Cursed Entity Teased In ‘The Grudge’ Behind The Scenes Featurette

One of the most interesting elements about director Nicolas Pesce’s upcoming horror film reboot The Grudge is its history. The movie has roots in both Japan where the franchise originally started and the United States where it was revitalized. And although most horror fans are already familiar with The Grudge and its fascinating supernatural lore, a newly released featurette goes over some of the details including a new entity.

For starters, producer Sam Raimi begins by explaining:

“When someone dies in the grip of a terrible rage, they leave behind this grudge, this unanswered desire for vengeance and violence.”

This is expanded on by Nicolas Pesce, who explains that this “grudge” can spread and it’s not unlike some kind of supernatural virus.

“This grudge can spread anywhere and everywhere.”

Although co-star Demian Bichir may have exposed the biggest revelation. It appears that this film will in fact include a new entity after all instead of Kayako or Toshio from the original films.

“This is a completely different entity, charged with its own personality and its own terror,” Bichir says.

However, actress Junko Bailey is attached to appear as the familiar Kayako at some point during the film. Hopefully we learn more about the story and how this new entity will be used in The Grudge along with the classic ones we’re used to as we approach the release date. After all, this new movie is set to be connected to the first 2004 American remake.

In The Grudge

“The new plot finds Andrea Riseborough (MANDY) as a cop in a new town who comes across a seemingly-unexplainable case that leads her to a house that has been grudged.”

The Grudge hits theaters on January 3, 2020.

What did you think of the new featurette? Are you excited to see what new entity could be in store for fans when The Grudge hits theaters? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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