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IT: Chapter 2

‘IT: Chapter 2’ Gets A Brutal Honest Trailer

Although it was still a decent success at the box office, the recent adaptation IT: Chapter 2,which takes inspiration from Stephen King’s novel IT, wasn’t quite as big of a hit with fans. Obviously the movie’s mixed reception has thus carried over into the internet, and as a result we finally have an Honest Trailers version of IT: Chapter 2. Check the video out for yourself down below.

The video elaborately looks across the entire IT: Chapter 2 smorgasbord to come up with witty remarks. They make fun of the film’s incredibly long runtime, and they even make fun of the film’s attempt at making light of Stephen King. As they stated:

“Bill is an author who writes crappy endings in a nod to both Stephen King and a movie you’re watching.”

It’s also worth mentioning that the video doesn’t just make witty remarks out of solely nitpicks – there is actually plenty of consideration for a variety of the film’s legitimate flaws. As such, Honest Trailers has provided a frightfully honest commentary on IT: Chapter 2 and one which should interest horror fans or fans of the new IT movies.

Regardless, IT: Chapter 2 was a decent conclusion to the setup created by the first film and perhaps with time it will be appreciated just as much. And although there’s still a little bit of buzz surrounding the possibility of an IT: Chapter 3, it’s probably safe to say that we did get a strong enough ending with IT: Chapter 2. Of course, there’s still the long-discussed IT supercut that would combine both films with extended footage. So maybe IT: Chapter 2 won’t exactly be the end of the new IT films.

How do you feel about the Honest Trailers interpretation of IT: Chapter 2? Did you like or hate the actual movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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