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Matt Reeve’s Batman Movie Working Title Revealed As ‘Vengeance’

Matt Reeves is looking to bring a fresh take on one of comics and Hollywood’s most iconic characters, Batman. While there have been several iterations in cinema, Reeves is planning on exploring an aspect of the character not often seen in the live action iterations. Batman is known as the World’s Greatest Detective, yet the movies have only scratched the surface of this character defining ability. Reeves also looks to bring in the most villains from the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery into one film. Now, it would seem we have a working title for the film that matches the noir feel Reeves is aiming for.

Thanks to Production Weekly, an industry magazine that keeps people in the entertainment world up to date on what’s going on in Hollywood, we see that the working title for the film is Vengeance. This doesn’t mean that the film is now called Batman: Vengeance. We’ve already seen multiple reports that the official title of the film is The Batman. What a ‘working title’ is in cinema is a mock title that productions use to help keep filming a secret (although it doesn’t really work, especially in the age of social media). It’s unknown as to why Reeves and the studio have chosen ‘Vengeance’ as the working title, but it is said the Reeves is leaning on The Long Halloween comic arc as inspiration for the film.

Now, many websites are probably going to run with this as the ‘new’ title of the film, but as you can see from Production Weekly, Vengeance is listed as the w/t, which means ‘working title’. This, in turn, does not contradict earlier reports, but actually helps us know what the filming title will be. In other words, when BTS photos leak online, and the title ‘Vengeance’ is seen on slates, we’ll know for sure that it’s The Batman.

What do you think of The Batman’s working title? Let us know in the comments below!

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