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Chicago Trucker Reportedly Spotted The Mothman

The Mothman tends to be one of the most exciting cryptids, and in a new report, it appears a trucker has recently sighted the legendary creature. As relayed by UFO Clearinghouse’s Manuel Navarette, the witness saw the creature on November 26, 2019, at approximately 6:30 PM. However, the witness did not make a report about the sighting until December 4, earlier this month.

According to the witness, he’s a trucker that spends plenty of time around the airport for deliveries. Here’s his statement regarding the sighting:

“I was at the airport picking up a load at Nippon, I was already backed into a dock and was standing away from the truck smoking a cigarette while they loaded my truck. I was looking toward the runways, in the direction of the tunnel and that is when I noticed something that looked like a large bird standing just outside of the fence by the parking lot. It was not hard to miss because two street lamps were nearby. It looked like a person with wings that were stretched out and flapping. It was walking away from the fence toward the open field and then began to flap its wings and disappeared.”

It appears that the witness had at least one prior encounter as a teenager, which he also recounted to Manuel Navarette following the most recent incident.

“When asked if he had seen something similar before, the witness stated that he had before when he was a teenager back home in Mexico. The witness stated that he saw a solid black-winged creature that was circling an open field that he and other children were playing soccer in. He stated it circled the field and made a loud screeching noise before flying off into the surrounding forest. When I asked him if he remembered the date of the sighting he stated that he did not remember the exact date but a week later there was a large earthquake in Mexico City. (For the record, the magnitude 8.0 earthquake that hit Mexico City was on September 19, 1985)”

The Mothman sightings have been frequently reported for decades, and while the creature might just be another cryptid legend – paranormal investigators are still looking into the reported sightings.

Source: UFO Clearinghouse

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