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Deadpool 3

‘Deadpool’ Producer Exits ‘Deadpool 3’ As Kevin Feige Takes Over

One of the most exciting things about Disney acquiring Fox is that Marvel Studios would finally have access to the X-Men film properties that have since been out of reach. This includes one of Fox’s most recently successful franchises based on the X-Men series, which currently includes the films Deadpool and Deadpool 2 starring actor Ryan Reynolds. As such, this means Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige would now be attached as a producer on the upcoming film Deadpool 3. But as it turns out, this means Deadpool producer Emma Watts is no longer working on Deadpool 3.

Emma Watts was the president of production over at Fox, which meant she was a producer responsible for a majority of their recent films and franchises. While she’s still working on several other Fox films that have since transferred over to Disney, it appears Deadpool 3 was not one of those projects she wanted to keep her hand in.

While we don’t exactly know much about Deadpool 3, we can assume that it will have some semblance of respect for the two films before it and attempt to maintain their style for this new outing. While this new movie is now being produced under Kevin Feige and Disney, it’s unlikely that they’d want to disrupt the formula that’s currently been working with audiences and fans of the memorable character.

And while Emma Watts will still be attached to several other Fox projects that transferred over to Disney, it looks like she mainly gave up her position on Deadpool 3 so that she could maintain a producer’s role on James Cameron’s many Avatar sequels. Those are a mystery themselves, given how long they’ve been in production and how little audiences know about them, but the filmmakers involved seem to be confident. And if Emma Watts is willing to step away from Deadpool 3 for them, then perhaps that’s a good sign for those interested in the future of the Avatar franchise.

Hopefully we find out more regarding both Deadpool 3 and the Avatar sequels in the coming months of 2020. After all, now that Deadpool 3 is gearing up for production, there should be plenty of news on that front in the near future.

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