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‘The Batman’ Set Images And Possible Batsuit Details Emerge As Production Continues

Many comic book fans are anticipating Matt Reeves’ upcoming film The Batman, which is set to introduce yet another live action interpretation of the iconic superhero – this time played by Robert Pattinson – and his supervillain counterparts for the big screen. The Batman movie’s production team has been busy building a variety of sets for the new film at Cardington Sheds in the United Kingdom.

As you can see below, one of the sets is a cathedral that’s being planned for use in a funeral scene with an astounding 500 extras. The image illustrates what kind of tone the new movie is going for, and with this cathedral alone it’ll be exciting to see this kind of imagery in a new Batman film.

In fact, you can notice a group of airships in the image – and those were used quite a bit in Batman: The Animated Series. Perhaps then we can expect a strong influence from the series over the course of the film – and with influences like that, it might be safe to say Matt Reeves’ will have a great new Batman film on his hands.

Meanwhile, although we don’t know how exactly Robert Pattinson’s Batman will look in the film, there has been a rumored design floating around. It’s been suggested that Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit will be based on fan art by Lee Bermejo.

Other:This a picture from Lee Bermejo’s Instagram story from back in September of fan art of Pattison in a batsuit resembling his style. The rumor is that the new suit will take inspiration from Lee Bermejo’s design. from DC_Cinematic

As for the plot details on the upcoming movie, they are still being kept under wraps. But it’s been suggested that the film will focus on a younger Batman that deals with villains like Catwoman, The Penguin, and The Riddler. Hopefully as production on the new movie continues, we can find out more about the characters, plot, and who exactly the funeral at this cathedral will be held for in The Batman.

Are you excited for Matt Reeves’ upcoming film The Batman which includes star Robert Pattinson in the lead role? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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