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‘Eternals’ Set Leak May Reveal A Huge MCU Spoiler

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding exponentially with the influx of new characters coming forth in Phase 4 and beyond. Many of the established heroes are continuing their evolutions, and the universe itself is growing in incredible ways. One of those ways is both cosmic and time spanning. I’m talking about the introduction of The Eternals, a race of genetically modified humans, created by the Celestials, who are nearly immortal, and have walked the Earth in secrets for thousands of years. But, in a reality of balance, for every good there is a bad. Now, we have some insight into a particular scene that may reveal the Eternals to the world, as well as their counterparts, the Deviants.

There is a scene breakdown from the Twitter account, Eternals Secrets. It looks to be a major scene, like a ‘turns the tides of the film’ type of scene.

Hearing the fight scene is between Eternals and the Deviants. It’s a huge event where some of the Eternals are attending alongside government officials and modern people. It appears it is used as trap and challenge to reveal Eternals to the world. Ikaris, Thena, Sersi+ more fight

There is a lot to unpack here. As it is known, the Eternals have been in hiding, trying to live amongst humans in secret. In doing so, at least some of them seem to be working in the government. Also, the Deviants look to make a huge splash and bring out the Eternals to the world. This may very be the first big action scene for the film. The Eternals are in civilian clothes, so they have let to don their costumes at this point, it would seem. Whatever is to come, this film is really shaping up to be an epic inclusion in the MCU.

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