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New ‘Black Widow’ Trailer Is Here – And It’s Full Of MCU References

The Super Bowl is here, and that usually means not only the biggest day in football, but the biggest day in advertising as well. We’ve already seen some great commercials, but movie fans typically are looking for those new trailers. Marvel fans in particular are looking for anything and everything related the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And we were not disappointed. A new Black Widow trailer has been released, and it gives us the most insight into the film yet.

As you see the new trailer, Natasha Romanoff talks about having a family before the Avengers. And, while most of the new scenes don’t seem to give too much away at first, there are some details to take in. First off, Florence Pugh’s character, Yelena Belova, is seen wearing the same green vest that Natasha rocks in Infinity War, as well as the blonde hair look that Nattie rocks in the film. Could this mean that Yelena, Natasha’s Red Room sister, sacrifices herself to save Romanoff? Does she wear this outfit in tribute?

Another big key from this trailer is getting more of Taskmaster. For the uninitiated, Taskmaster has the incredible ability to instantly mimic and adopt the fighting style of anyone he faces and/or sees. e’ve already seen him using a bow and arrow, ala Hawkeye, which could indicate that Taskmaster was part of the Budapest incident. But, it’s his work with his shield that is the most newsworthy. Taskmaster showcases shield work akin to Captain America. And, he kicks up and catches the shield just like Cap at the end of the famous elevator fight scene in Winter Soldier. So, was Taskmaster in that elevator? Has he fought Cap before? Seems awfully telling…

The trailer also gave us more of the family vibe with the four main characters, Black Widow, Yelena, Red Guardian, and Rachel Weisz’s mysterious character, joining together to fight whatever threat faces Natasha’s first family. This film looks to fill in some hole and set up the future of the MCU, even with it being a prequel of sorts (taking place between Civil War and Infinity War).

What did you think of the new Black Widow trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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