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Watch: ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Reunites For Season 4 Table Read

Netflix has had numerous successful original series, but none can top the blockbuster-like success of Stranger Things. Since its debut back in 2016, The Duffer Brothers’ unique sci-fi/horror throwback has made a massive impact on the industry, continuing to gain a substantial following while also influencing the industry itself (films like It and the Child’s Play remake clearly were inspired by it). Season 3 was perhaps the best season yet, continuing to build the fantastic rapport the cast has established while leaving audiences with a tear-jerking cliffhanger.

While audiences still have to wait till 2021 to see Season 4, some exciting news came out today with the reveal that Season 4 of Stranger Things has begun its production process. This was accomplished with a table read, which featured all of the core cast (including David Harbour’s thought-to-be-deceased Hopper) returning in their respective roles. Check out Netflix’s low-fi video promoting the event:

What’s clear from videos like this is the connection between the core cast, as they are constantly having a great time whether it’s onscreen or behind the camera. That kind of energy is infectious, with their strong comradery being a significant reason the show has been a cultural mainstay. Other films and shows have tried to ape the 80’s aesthetic, but few have done it with the originality and charm of Stranger Things.

As for the upcoming Season 4, there is sure to be some interesting new wrinkles brought to the table. I am curious to see how Hopper has returned to the fray after his demise in Season 3, as he could easily have been changed forever by the upside world he was sucked into. It will also be fun to see how newer characters like Maya Hawke’s Robin grow and develop with another season of material.

Are you excited for Season 4 of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments!

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