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An R-Rated Movie For The Punisher Has Been Pitched To Marvel Studios

One of the biggest travesties to come out of the recent abandonment of the Marvel Netflix shows is that we will never get to see some of the actors share the screen. We will never see Vincent D’onofrio’s Kingpin squaring up against Tom Holland’s Spider-Man – or Charlie Cox’s Daredevil romancing Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. However, the most disappointing of all, is that we will never see Jon Bernthal’s Punisher taking on some of the big screen baddies. But – thanks to a recent interview by Adam G. Simon, writer of the upcoming remake of The Raid, it’s been revealed that it could have happened. 

Speaking with, Simon explained his long term admiration of the character before revealing that he once pitched a movie to Marvel that would have seen Jon Bernthal’s vigilante going up against MCU mainstay, Nick Fury. He goes on to explain how his take would have been like Like Falling Down by way of Full Metal Jacket.”

He spoke about what his latest draft of the story would be, revealing.

“You got to let this thing live in R-Rated territory and it has to have the same grit and unapologetic boldness of Logan. In my take, we find Frank Castle as we left him at the end of the series, only now completely aware of the threat that superheroes and villains pose to mankind. So, Frank Castle has to go gunning for the person who he feels is responsible for the innumerable civilian casualties. The one who started it all by organizing these weapons of mass destruction to come together. Nick Fury. The twist is that Frank is being used, he spots the double-cross early at the end of act one. From that point on, we have a 3:10 to Yuma situation. Frank and Fury on the run from everyone, heroes and villains. It’s 3:10 to Yuma meets Leon: The Professional by way of Winter Soldier.”

He said he’d like to see Jon Bernthal return to the role:

“I want Bernthal to continue to explore the character and be completely unfettered and out of control. I think he does too.”

He also went on to explain some of the new and existing characters his film would have introduced, as well as revealing that The Punisher fan, Eminem would have been drafted in to provide the soundtrack. He explained:

“First, since he was so pissed about it getting canceled, you get Eminem on board for the music and the soundtrack. Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, Joel Edgerton as Bullseye, Kristin Scott Thomas or Edie Falco as Ma Gnucci, Jeffry Wright or Russell Crowe as Micro, Sam Jackson as Nick Fury and a few of The Avengers, namely, Falcon, Black Widow, and Winter Soldier. Oh, and since we are talking obscene amounts of violence and mayhem, you get Joe Lynch directing. If fans got a problem with that hot take, I got seven others. Let’s go.”

Hearing this, it is definitely a shame that we never got to see this on the screen. Of course, there is the possibility that Bernthal may reprise his role, but given the House of Mouse’s recent culling of all small screen Marvel shows that aren’t on Disney+ – the chances are pretty slim. Still, stranger things have happened.

What do you think? Would you like to have seen this film? Do you think Bernthal should reprise the role? Let us know below!

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