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Marvel Comics Writer Dan Slott Says “F*ck You” If You Vote For Donald Trump

Today’s political climate is as divided as it’s ever been. We’re no longer in a time where people keep their political beliefs to themselves, as social media has given people a platform to voice their thoughts – and argue about them. This is also the case with notable figures in Hollywood or the comics industry, and Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott is no different. He had a pretty vocal take about the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

In a deleted tweet, the Fantastic Four and Iron Man 2020 writer said:

This administration is NOT on top of this emergency.

They’re ignoring or contradicting their OWN experts.

People are dying.

And he’s golfing at his resort AGAIN and profiting off it.

I’m NOT saying f*ck you for voting for him.

I AM saying f*ck you if you vote for him AGAIN.

Voice actress Susan Eisenberg agreed with the tweet, saying:

This isn’t the first time Slott has gone at Trump:

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