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‘Bloodshot’ Review: A Valiant Effort – But Misses The Mark

Valiant Comics has moved into the realm of Hollywood with the first film in their potential Valiant Cinematic Universe, Bloodshot. The Vin Diesel led superhero film brings fallen soldier, Ray Garrison, back from the death with self repairing nanites, making him a nearly indestructible weapon of war. But, not all is as it seems, and Ray has to get the truth, by any means necessary. So, how does Bloodshot stack up in the brave new world of superhero movies dominating theaters today?

Well, let’s start off with the good. The action in the film is definitely unique and fun. With Bloodshot’s power of near instant regeneration, his headstrong approach to battle makes for some stunning visuals. Diesel definitely embodies the character visually, bringing his brooding, muscular presence to the character as if he jumps off the pages of the comic. The action scenes do a great job of mixing slow motion and face pace, giving a visual that makes the viewer really appreciate what Bloodshot has to offer.

On the bad side, the story struggles to be a real story. Back at NYCC, I spoke with director Dave Wilson, he promised a twist that no one will expect and a superhero story that is unlike anything Marvel or DC has offered yet. However, he doesn’t deliver on this promise. The big twist was telegraphed a mile away, doubly so because the trailers gave it up in its clips. The acting isn’t exactly great, either, but does it’s job for what they have. The film feels too rushed, like it needed more moments before the twist is revealed. Diesel’s performance more monotoned than ever. It’s hard to care for the character, even when he learns of the treachery involved. And Lamorne Morris (The New Girl) and his terrible English accent are more of a distraction than anything else. His character seems superfluous, even though it is actually a vital role. In fact, all the characters feel flat and one-dimensional, from top to bottom.

All in all, this film is fun and decent, but not what Valiant needed to kickstart its Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, I feel like this movie will not do well at the box office, and sink the ship before it even leaves the harbor. Maybe a director’s cut can redeem the film on its home release, but I’m not holding my breath. I still recommend seeing this in the theaters, as the action is definitely big screen popcorn fun, but don’t expect an Iron Man level story when you go.

Grade: C+ 

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