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Hugh Jackman Under Fire For Not Turning Off Water While Washing His Hands

The Coronavirus is overtaking the world at the moment, and there’s likely a chance that it’ll be that way for the foreseeable future. This story is no different in terms of breaking away from it, but it involves Hugh Jackman – and who doesn’t love Hugh Jackman? The actor took to Twitter to try to remind folks out there about washing their hands, which is a pretty cool thing to do in this current climate – and even danced in the video while doing it.

People were not happy, though, as he did not turn the water off while washing his hands. People were criticizing the actor for wasting water. The actor listened to the backlash, however, and made a new video (deleting the one you saw above). It’s also worth pointing out (even though it’s obvious) that the actor meant no harm in his initial video.

And the reaction appears to be much better:

So there you have it. If you need help washing your hands, Hugh Jackman has you covered. Be on the lookout for a video of how he washes his Wolverine claws. Hopefully.

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