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Amber Heard Assaulted Johnny Depp When His Children Were In The House – Says Real Estate Manager

Johnny Depp’s estate manager is one of the latest to file a declaration in support of the actor after he filed a defamation lawsuit against ex-wife actress Amber Heard. His estate manager, Tara Roberts, insists that Johnny Depp’s children witnessed at least one of the aftermaths following Amber Heard’s physical abuse against Depp.

One particular case that Roberts mentioned was an incident that occurred on December 19, 2015. It was a fight between both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard that allegedly happened during their marriage.

According to Roberts, as quoted by MeAww, the beginning portion of the fight featured Amber Heard verbally insulting Johnny Depp. Heard allegedly said “Your career is over”, “no one’s going to hire you,” “you’re washed up,” “fat,” and “you’ll die a lonely man.” Tara Roberts stated the fight then moved to the parking lot of their house in the Bahamas and at that point Heard began physically assaulting Depp.

“I saw Amber lunge at Johnny, clawing, tugging and aggressively pulling him. He continued to stand there yelling at her to stop and leave him alone. When he stepped back to leave, her onslaught would start again. During this entire incident, I never saw Johnny hit Amber, or push her back, nor did he physically react to the attacks,” the declaration read.

After the alleged attacks, Johnny Depp reportedly had a gash on his nose which according to Roberts, Amber Heard admitted to causing by throwing a “quart-sized can of lacquer thinner” at his head.

It was apparently during this fight that Johnny Depp’s children, Lily-Rose Depp and John “Jack” Christopher Depp III, were each present on the island.

“Also present on the island during this late 2015 visit was Johnny’s son, daughter, and his daughter’s friend. Johnny’s children did witness the aftermath of the night before as I got them that morning, explained to them what had happened, and took them to their father,” she said.

Although Johnny Depp’s children supposedly witness the aftermath of the fight, it’s unclear if they actually witnessed any physical abuse from Amber Heard against Johnny Depp.

It’s definitely a situation that continues to escalate between the two stars and there seems to be no conclusive answer in sight. Amber Heard even insists that the recording “misrepresents what actually happened,” although given the declarations in support of Johnny Depp, her statements continue to seem suspicious. Here’s hoping the case is settled soon and more information comes out.

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