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Taika Waititi Calls Out People Buying Guns During Coronavirus Panic

It has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone as the Coronavirus continues to spread and forces a strange new start to the year 2020. As some people have continued to raid stores for supplies, most popularly toilet paper, it appears that other individuals are more interested in purchasing firearms. However, the recent interest in buying guns during this time has upset one particularly famous individual – Taika Waititi, who fans may recognize as the director of Thor: Ragnarok. He voiced his displeasure over people buying guns during the Coronavirus outbreak in a tweet after sharing an article from News Hub in New Zealand; which featured the following headline: “Coronavirus: Queues outside Gun City as Kiwis panic-buy firearms amid COVID-19 lockdown.”

The article was enough that it upset Taika Waititi and he began his response with a serious expletive.

“F***ing idiots who think The Road or I am Legend is about to become reality. Bet only two people in this picture actually hunt for food,” Taika Waititi wrote.

It’s an interesting statement and one that has various people talking in response to Taika Waititi’s comment. In fact, many people tend to agree with his post, although some are still in favor of those purchasing the guns.

The Coronavirus outbreak has certainly been a bizarre time, but as long as people continue to at least try and act safely and rationally, there shouldn’t be too much to worry about much longer. Let’s just hope everyone can stay inside or away from the crowds, properly self-quarantine, and practice social distancing during this time. Whether people feel the need to purchase guns or not as Taika Waititi feels, it’s taking the above steps that are most important right now. And, of course, washing our hands for at least 20 seconds is another important step to fighting off the spread of the Coronavirus.

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