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‘Halloween Kills’ Photos Shared By FX Artist Christopher Nelson

Although audiences are still anxiously waiting for the new sequel to Halloween, titled Halloween Kills, some new behind the scenes photos and tidbits of information have been released to hold those of us over. As you can see down below, the Halloween Kills behind the scenes photos come from FX coordinator Christopher Nelson.

Here’s what Christopher Nelson had to say when he spoke about his work on Halloween Kills. He explained to what it was like to reinvent Michael Myers’ iconic mask for Halloween Kills following the ending of the 2018 movie:

“It was definitely a challenge, considering what happens at the end of the 2018 film. It was a challenge carrying the mystery into our approach of him. We can’t take away that silhouette, and that face that everyone knows and loves, and we’re not reinventing ourselves, but we’re evolving. And so that was the way for me to approach it. Like I’ve said before, I approach the designs from an emotional standpoint, so everything can flow and live within the context of the world and the story which [director] David [Gordon Green] is telling.”

H Kills 2019 BTS 1024x1365 - FX Artist Christopher Nelson Shares HALLOWEEN KILLS Behind-the-Scenes Pics & Talks Myers Mask Redesign

Mup James Kills 2019 - FX Artist Christopher Nelson Shares HALLOWEEN KILLS Behind-the-Scenes Pics & Talks Myers Mask Redesign

Halloween Kills was directed by David Gordon Green who also helmed the 2018 film. He wrote the script alongside Danny McBride and Scott Teems.

The film stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Charles Cyphers, Anthony Michael Hall, Kyle Richards, Nancy Stephens, Jibrail Nantambu, and Robert Longstreet. James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle both return as Michael Myers.

Halloween Kills is currently still scheduled to hit theaters later this year on October 16, 2020. Although it’s yet to be seen if the film will be delayed due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Let’s hope that things continue to move smoothly for the exciting upcoming horror film that’s so far seen nothing but praise. After all, the Coronavirus can’t possibly stop all good things from happening in 2020.

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