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Watch: Tommy Lee Wallace Shows How He Made Michael Myers’ Mask

It goes without saying that one of the most successful elements in John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic Halloween is Michael Myers’ iconic mask. It’s a disturbing and expressionless face that appropriately portrays the uncaring gaze in Michael’s cold, black eyes. But how exactly did such a mask come to be? As it is, most fans already know the story – the iconic Michael Myers mask is really just a Captain Kirk mask molded in the likeness of William Shatner. But when it came time to use the mask for Halloween, Tommy Lee Wallace was the one who modified it to better suit the film. Now you can see a video below in which Tommy Lee Wallace shows how to modify a Captain Kirk mask to become the Michael Myers mask we all know and love- er, fear.

As you can see in the video shared down below, the footage was posted by Horror’s Hallowed Grounds’ host, Sean Clark.

It really is a fascinating video because it’s much more than a simple explanation or description of events. You actually get to watch Tommy Lee Wallace create the Michael Myers mask just as he did back in the 1970’s. It’s most certainly a true honor seeing how one of the great icons of horror received their signature look – and no doubt it’s a good tutorial for those who might want to make their own.

As Sean Clark explained via the video’s description:

“This is a video we made back in 2014 I believe. It was made with the intention of being part of the Halloween: The Complete Collection Box Set. For years fans have asked Tommy Lee Wallace for the details of exactly how he converted the William Shatner mask into The Shape. For the first and only time Tommy takes us step by step and shows exactly what he did back in 1978.”

It’s also the perfect video if you’re in the mood for more Halloween content. While it’s unclear what this year might hold for the upcoming horror film Halloween Kills, if anything at all, it’s still nice to get some content while we wait to hear more on that front.

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