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‘Into The Spider-Verse’ Nearly Had Cameos From All Live-Action Spider-Man Actors

Everyone that’s a fan of Spider-Man is well aware that the popular Marvel superhero has had several cinematic interpretations over the years. In fact, he’s been played by three different actors across three different live-action film series. This includes actors Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and currently Tom Holland who has been playing the character throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There was one other theatrical Spider-Man film, albeit animated, called Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And as it turns out, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse nearly featured cameos from all three live-action Spider-Man actors.

It was previously revealed in 2018, via Screen Crush, that live-action Spidey actor Tobey Maguire nearly gave his voice for Peter Parker/Spider-Man as he appeared in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. While that never quite happened, there would have been many exciting ramifications if it had. In fact, it seems that there would have been appearances from the other two live-action Spider-Man actors as well if the Into the Spider-Verse producers got their way. Chris Miller revealed this tidbit in a new Quarantine Watch Party of Into the Spider-Verse.

As he stated:

“We pitched the Sony brass an ambitious tag involving Spider-Ham, Tobey, Andrew, and Tom. They felt it was ‘too soon’”

If you look back to the aforementioned Screen Crush article, this definitely fits with what co-director Rodney Rothman was saying in 2018:

“I think after this film, those thoughts might have a little more traction,” he said at the time. “But before this movie, and introducing the idea of the ‘Spider-Verse’ to the audience, I think everybody was afraid that it would just really confuse people. But wow, it would have been fun.”

It seems like they wanted to test the concept first before bringing in more serious live-action cameos. But given the success of the first film, it definitely looks like we could be seeing the live-action Spider-Man actors show up for the 2022 Into the Spider-Verse sequel.

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