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‘Spider-Man 3’ Hidden Easter Egg Finally Discovered After All These Years

While Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield have offered strong performances as everyone’s favorite web-slinger (can’t forget Shameik Moore’s fresh take as Miles Morales in Spider-Verse), Tobey Maguire will always be my favorite iteration of Spider-Man. Starring in Sam Raimi’s innovative trilogy, Maguire perfectly embodied Peter Parker’s nerdy persona, while Raimi’s stylized direction kept audiences on the edge of their seats. While many Spider-Man fans have rewatched these movies to death, a new Easter Egg has been discovered in the controversial Spider-Man 3.

According to Reddit user Yozwo, a screenshot of Spider-Man 3 gives a detailed look at Peter Parker’s hand, visibly showing the bite mark than transformed him into a superhero. This minute detail is a thoughtful inclusion on Raimi’s part, showing the eye for detail that has made him a celebrated craftsman.

In Spider-man 3, you can actually see the spider bite from the first movie. First time I noticed that, I am ashamed of myself. from raimimemes

Spider-Man has certainly had a few highs (Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Verse) and lows (Amazing Spider-Man 2) on the big screen, but it’s impossible to recognize the franchise as a whole without Raimi’s initial iteration. Made during 2002, a time where superhero ventures were a risky proposition, Raimi created the genre’s first blockbuster hit, an event film that would inspire a generation of superhero efforts.

It’s funny how much people still talk about Spider-Man 3 today, with the much-hyped of Raimi’s trilogy coming to a wildly uneven conclusion. While I can understand people’s criticism about the bloated runtime and mixed bag of villains (Topher Grace was miscast as Eddie Brock/Venom) Raimi’s final film offered a roller coaster experience that took a lot of interesting risks. I for one didn’t mind the goofy dark version of Peter Parker, as it made sense that Peter’s dark version wouldn’t be all that sinister. Either way, I am excited to see what the new Spider-Man 3 will bring to the table.

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