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‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut Rumored To Cost $80 Million

Many DC fans have been clamoring for years to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League, with the enigmatic writer/director not getting an opportunity to complete his vision for the project (Joss Whedon finished filming after a tragedy occurred in Snyder’s family). While this idea has always been promising on paper, many have speculated the logistics of how it would be achieved, with many of Snyder’s intriguing ideas never being filmed during the initial production process. When news circulated that HBO Max would complete the Snyder Cut, budget figures for the project ranged between 20 and 30 million dollars, but that figure might be a fraction of what it will really cost.

According to Cosmic Book News, The Snyder Cut of Justice League will cost roughly 80 million dollars for Warner Brothers, with WarnerMedia CEO Bob Greenbatt stating he “wish it was just 30 million” for the budget figure. With that sizable increase in budget, it’s likely that Snyder will likely get another go at the production phase, but it is unknown at this time whether major players like Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot will return to finish filming.

Considering that many of Zack Snyder’s concepts for Justice League ended up on the cutting room floor, I am not surprised that this will be a more costly project than previously predicted. Despite there being significant fan interest, it is fair to speculate whether it’s worth it for Warner Brothers to spend significant capital on revitalizing a film that bombed during its initial release.

Another important factor to note is how will Snyder incorporate any new footage with the 2017 film. As the reshoots on Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four film showed, it can be a challenge to incorporate new footage into an existing project, with Snyder having to give an extra focus to every detail to make a seamless transition.

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