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‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ Stars Believe They Can Get Bruce Campbell Out Of Retirement

Many fans, myself included, were devastated when STARZ canceled their series Ash vs Evil Dead after its third season concluded. And things just continued to get worse from there. While some fans were being hopeful that we’d get more Ash Williams in the Evil Dead franchise again in some other form, like a new movie for example, Bruce Campbell announced that he retired himself from the role. Since then things have been unclear with what exact direction the franchise has been heading towards, but it seems that Bruce Campbell’s Ash vs Evil Dead costars believe they can convince him to return.

While speaking in a YouTube interview with Chuck Loads of Comics, actor Ray Santiago, known for having played Pablo in Ash vs Evil Dead, had this to say:

“We could have had a bigger audience were we on a platform like Hulu or Amazon or Netflix, but because we were on this cable subscription, it really limited the audience…I was really looking forward to seeing where things were gonna go with the show, just because we had set up so many relationships. It was just all there to play with.

I think enough time has passed by. He just needs a good couple of – one or two years of just like chilling in the woods and not having the Boomstick in his hands, and then he starts to crave it, and it’ll come back.”

This is where actress Dana DeLorenzo, who played the character Kelly, also stepped in about the possibility of Bruce Campbell making a return to the Evil Dead franchise:

“Well, I say, ‘Never say never…Because the way things are going, I’ve been reading all these very terrifying things about our industry and just productions and things are being shelved and whatnot, so I honestly feel like never say never. There have been shows where they get cancelled but then they’re picked up by another network.

I know Bruce has said he is in retirement, but I feel like Ray and I could convince him.”

And there you have it. While things might seem unlikely for now, there’s no telling what the future could have in store. After all, even Ash vs Evil Dead seemed like a miracle at one point – so perhaps Bruce Campbell really will return to the franchise one day. We’ll just have to keep waiting and see what happens.

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