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Hugh Jackman Blasted For Posting Picture Of Cop Hugging Protester

To say that things in the United States are pretty bad right now would be a massive understatement. First, we had the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent nationwide quarantine, which sent the economy spiraling downward. However, that seems like a thing of the past, as we’re now having lockdowns in certain parts of the country due to rioting – with some places having the National Guard brought in. The riots are not to be confused with the protests, that have been happening due to the death of George Floyd. Either way you look at it, things are pretty divided at the moment, and actor Hugh Jackman noticed that, and called for “solidarity” in a recent Twitter post.

Seemed like a positive enough message, but some weren’t okay with it.

The Wolverine actor later followed up the tweet with this one:

With some still not letting up – and some defending Jackman:

It’s not the first time Hugh Jackman has come under fire for trying to put out a positive message, as back in March, he posted a video reminding people to wash their hands because of Coronavirus – and a lot of people blasted him for leaving the water running during the video.

In regards to the solidarity tweet, I think it’s fairly obvious he didn’t mean any harm with his tweet for unity, and it’s definitely not a bad thing to strive for in times like these.

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