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Someone Tried To Cancel John Krasinski – But It Didn’t Work

There’s been a trend lately for “canceling” celebrities or other similar people with influence, and one such person that’s being targeted is actor and director John Krasinski. What’s more, it seems that Good Mythic Morning writer Ellie McElvain is the individual attempting to take credit for trying to cancel John Krasinski.

As you can see via her Twitter account, Ellie McElvain has quite the grudge against John Krasinski, and she made the following posts to emphasize her desire to get him canceled:

“Ok so I guess friends and family “hate” my Twitter effort to cancel John Krasinski for being “a cop” – it “gives them concern” that I am considering all angles of whether or not John Krasinski is a copy.”

She further continued her statement in another post, stating:

“They say I am “medically” “diagnosed”with PTSD and these tweets are one of many “paranoid” “delusions” and that if I take a “chill” “pill” literally, my community will come together in time to cancel John Krasinski if that is in fact, necessary, which we will find out together.”

McElvain then says:

“Know that if you don’t hear from me, while I am out of the public eye of my meager following, my heart is still focused on abolishing police, tearing down the whole system, and of course, as always, Canceling John Krasinski.”

Her initial statement then concludes with:

“And of course, obviously, Black lives matter, thank you, goodbye, do write to me while I recuperate in my 2020 style capitalist tinged sanatorium (an Airbnb in Big Bear).”

Although she did create another post that, as of this writing, is currently pinned to her profile. She teased her followers that she’ll be back soon:

“I WILL BE BACK! A #thread on canceling John Krasinski and mental health so tw for all of that ???? Idk love y’all tho”

This is only the most recent case of Ellie McElvain discussing her hatred for actor and director John Krasinski, something which the Good Mythical Morning writer has been doing off and on throughout her social media. It’s certainly an interesting campaign to cancel John Krasinski and one that it doesn’t seem she’s willing to give up on.

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