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Jason Voorhees Stars In New Coronavirus PSA

The Coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, and although states and locations are beginning to open back up, it’s not yet entirely safe. In fact, people are still being asked to take the necessary precautions to help reduce the potential spread of the virus – and that includes wearing face masks. In an effort to help spread that message about wearing masks during the Coronavirus pandemic, Ogilvy Health has released the following PSA which makes creative use of the horror icon – Jason Voorhees.

Naturally, Jason Voorhees isn’t referenced directly by named, but it’s clear from watching the PSA that he’s intended to be the same slasher villain as featured throughout the Friday the 13th horror film franchise. The video shows Jason Voorhees walking through a city as people and animals fear him, and it’s when a small girl hands him a medical face mask that the message becomes clear.

The video was shared on the Ogilvy Health organization’s Instagram with the following caption:

“Wearing a mask has proven to be an easy and important way to stem the spread… yet many New Yorkers still aren’t doing it. This is especially true of younger people who may feel invincible… How can we get them to pay attention to this life-saving message? Tap into pop culture and entertain them. Don’t preach. Don’t fear-monger. Do the opposite. Make them smile, engage and share with their peers. As the tri-state area begins to open, Toby Trygg, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Health, aligned with the talented folks at Chimney Group to help create this timely PSA.”

It’s a hilariously creative way of utilizing Jason Voorhees in a PSA as a way to get people to put on their masks. If we’re lucky, hopefully we can start finding even more PSA’s featuring our favorite horror icons. At a time when the Coronavirus pandemic is still just as dangerous as ever, it’s good to help spread awareness. But who said it couldn’t be fun for us horror fans at the same time?

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