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Keanu Reeves Might Return In Rumored ‘Constantine’ Movie On HBO Max

As DC continues to plan out its next few waves of superhero movies, it looks like we might be getting one focused on John Constantine. In fact, according to a new rumor, it seems J.J. Abrams is potentially going to produce said John Constantine movie. While it’s unclear if Keanu Reeves could return to reprise his role from the 2005 Constantine film, it appears that it’s a “goal” of the studio to potentially get him back for the role. The ultimate plan would be to lead the way to a Justice League Dark film featuring DC’s other horror-related characters alongside John Constantine.

As explained by Brandon Katz of The Observer, here’s what he’s heard about the rumor which came from Murphy’s Multiverse:

“Have heard some whispers about this. If Keanu Reeves returns, that’ll give him yet another iconic character to extend his mainstream popularity. Every decade, this dude rolls out another buzzy title to reignite the public’s love. What a movie star.”

It’s certainly a possibility that makes sense. The Constantine movie starring Keanu Reeves has done particularly well in recent years as a cult classic, and the character has found new life thanks to actor Matt Ryan frequently returning to play the part. While Reeves might not have portrayed John Constantine as the British individual he’s remembered as from the comics, Reeves has continued to be a fan-favorite actor and it seems reasonable that the studio would want him back.

Especially with the possibility of Michael Keaton coming back as Batman in the upcoming film The Flash, we might be seeing more and more of Warner Bros. revisiting classic interpretations of their characters and the stars that portrayed them.

If the rumor is true and the live-action John Constantine film is indeed in development with J.J. Abrams producing, then the plan is to premiere it on the WarnerMedia streaming service HBO Max.

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