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‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ Netflix Renewal Petition Passes 55,000 Signatures

It was unfortunately announced recently that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina would be getting cancelled by Netflix. Although Part Four of the series is still intended to be released on Netflix at some point later this year, fans are still eager to get their fill of Sabrina and her hellish adventures. Fans are so eager, in fact, that a petition was launched following the announcement that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was cancelled.

As of this writing, the petition to save Chilling Adventures of Sabrina already has over 55,000 signatures. It’s an impressive number of people who’ve united together in an effort to see the series continued, and no doubt those signatures will only continue to climb. While it’s unknown if Netflix will have any response to the petition, fans can only continue to hope that their voices will be heard and the massive streaming platform will save the series.

Here’s what the petition at to save Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reads:

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an extremely popular show on the streaming service Netflix. On July 8th, 2020 it was announced that the show would be ending after its fourth season. We are petitioning to bring this back after it’s unfair cancellation and ask that it be renewed for a fifth season. The show is extremely loved by fans and we hope this petition can bring the show back from the dead.”

Again, it’s unknown if Netflix will take any action in response to the petition. But if you’re a fan of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and wish to see it continue, then there’s certainly no harm in signing. After all, many other properties have been saved by such means. And while Netflix is known for canceling their shows, they’ve also become known for saving quite a few others – so maybe they’ll bring back Chilling Adventures of Sabrina after all.

For now, however, fans will at least still have Part Four of the series to look forward to at some point later this year.

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