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‘The Lost Boys’ Is Getting A Prequel Musical In 2022

It’s been nothing short of fascinating to see The Lost Boys grow in popularity over the years. At one point, the movie was a stand-alone film for decades. Then in 2008, after the release of the rather divisive Lost Boys: The Tribe, the franchise continued to expand. We received a second sequel titled Lost Boys: The Thirst and two separate comic book series. Since then, we’ve had multiple different plans for a Lost Boys TV series, and now it appears there are even plans for a Lost Boys musical which would act as a prequel to the original 1987 film.

It appears that G Tom Mac (aka Gerard McMahon), who composed the score for the original film along with its iconic theme song Cry Little Sister, is the man behind the proposed Broadway musical. He’s titled the project A Lost Boys Story, and explained that it will focus on the backstory of David, the lead antagonist from the first movie. Apparently David starts out as an orphan from Lithuania before he stumbles across the vampire Max, beginning his turn to vampirism.

Here’s how Gerard McMahon explained the Lost Boys musical to SyfyWire:

“At 17-18 [years old], he hits the road, and that’s when he picks up the other vampires and basically creates a family with the three other guys. They all come from different walks of life in Middle America, the Midwest, Arizona, and then they head to California. That’s when all the good stuff starts. We tried to take a twist, whereby we know the story of the movie, but we don’t know how it all got there. And in the musical, we do. It’s very much a story of immortality, but it’s also a story about how people in their 20s think they’re immortal, anyway. It kind of runs that parallel of pop culture.”

The musical is already past the songwriting stage, with the full album already available on Spotify. They’re currently working on casting, in which Malcolm McDowell has been attached to play Max. On top of this, it seems the original film’s director Joel Schumacher actually consulted with Gerard McMahon on the project prior to his death. His involvement already gives the musical a level of authenticity not seen in any of the other The Lost Boys follow-ups.

Of course, due to the Coronavirus, audiences will have to wait until 2022 before they can see A Lost Boys Story.

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