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Social Distancing Boats With Floating Cinemas Coming In September

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced society into all new interesting ways of thinking. Without many of our traditional businesses like movie theaters, the pandemic has forced companies to come up with new solutions that take concepts like social distancing into account. This ultimately led to a rather interesting concept taking place – it looks like moviegoers will be able to experience floating cinemas designed with social distancing boats.

Essentially, these floating cinemas will allow individuals in select areas to participate in the moviegoing experience with a safe alternative to traditional brick and mortar movie theaters during the pandemic. There will be 12 to 24 social distancing boats in place during the showings, and each boat will allow up to 8 guests. When purchasing tickets, customers will have to pick an entire boat, allowing themselves an area for themselves and their friends or family. The boats are then spread out across the water with enough space to encourage social distancing.

What’s more, audiences can expect free popcorn, while other snacks and drinks will be offered as well, albeit at a price for the additional concessions.

At the writing of this article, what movies the floating cinemas intend to screen are not yet known. But once tickets are placed on sale, titles will be announced. A few of the cities confirmed for the event so far include Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Ohio; Austin, Texas; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event is expected to begin in September 2020, and you can visit for when tickets are available.

This definitely seems like a fun alternative to traditional movie theaters for the time being, especially at a moment in history when it appears to be more difficult to do things outside of work or staying at home. Hopefully this will allow people the satisfaction of having fun while also encouraging social distancing and safety.

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