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‘WandaVision’ Reportedly Still Set To Release This December

The COVID-19 global pandemic has been the bane of of everyone’s existence this year. The entertainment industry is truly feeling it, as it has been all but shut down to nothing. Movie theaters are closed indefinitely, productions have been halted, and everything is constantly having its release date pushed back. Even the conventions where studios showcased upcoming projects and first look teasers have been closed down, including the biggest one in the world, San Diego Comic-Con (which this year is doing the entire event virtually). But, as the world slowly tries to get back to normal, so does the film industry. This nearly half year delay has hurt, but it looks like one show isn’t getting pushed back at all on the Disney Plus streaming service and will hit its original release date.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, it looks like WandaVision is still coming out December of this year. The original article had the show coming out next year, but was updated and corrected after someone on Twitter asked more specifically about it. It’s interesting, as this show was originally thought to be a 2021 release at inception, until a surprise announcement had it coming out in December 2020. However, Falcon & The Winter Soldier, the show that was meant to kick off the Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe tie in shows, is delayed and without an official release date. This does potentially set up some issues for how the Phase 4 of the MCU plays out.

We know that WandaVision has major ties to Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. That film has been pushed back to May of 2022, instead of its original November 2021 release. This puts a gap of over a year between the show and the film. Granted, you can rewatch the series on Disney+ over and over, so it’s a good thing that Marvel is doing it this way. The biggest concern now is how the timeline of events will work out, and whether Falcon & the Winter Soldier was meant to tie into WandaVision in any way or not. What we do know is that this show is going to be bonkers and have major implications into the future of the MCU as a whole.

Are you excited to still get WandaVision this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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