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IPhone Records Screaming Voices After Its Dropped Down Nevada’s Devil’s Cauldron

Technology can be a pretty wonderful thing – but often times, it can also be very horrifying. One such example would be the occasional disturbing recordings that some tech users might come across. For example, EVP is a rather common term for ghost hunters, meaning electronic voice phenomenon. This electronic voice phenomenon is usually considered the voice recordings of spirits or otherworldly figures, and one YouTuber – TechRax – might’ve incidentally captured some of these disturbing voices while dropping an iPhone into Nevada’s Devil’s Cauldron.

If you don’t know what the Devil’s Cauldron is, it’s a geothermal location from Nye County, Nevada. And what’s more, Nye County, Nevada is often considered one of the most haunted locations in the Nevada state. So perhaps TechRax really did pick up some form of cursed voices after dropping his iPhone into the Devil’s Cauldron, as you can see below around the six minute mark.

As explained by TechRax himself in the video’s description:

“I dropped an iPhone 11 Pro down a super deep hot cauldron hole known as “Diana’s Punchbowl” aka Devil’s Cauldron to see what’s inside the steaming hot water and whether the iPhone would survive! I noticed the audio from the drop test was pretty eerie. Sounded like screaming voices to me.“

According to TechRax, he didn’t edit the video at all – the voices are as real as they come, or so he says. The voices also weren’t only recorded on his iPhone, but on a drone as well that followed it down the Devil’s Cauldron. What a creepy story. With the way 2020 has gone, the last thing we need is some kind of eldritch force awakening from within the Devil’s Cauldron. So, honestly, let’s hope this is the last we hear about any haunted geothermal locations. Because I really don’t need to see Cthulhu as next month’s headline.

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