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Official Logo & Artwork For ‘The Batman’ Revealed

This coming weekend is the DC Fandome, where WB and DC will unveil tons of new information on all their upcoming comic book and movie projects. Zack Snyder plans to reveal tons of news on his Snyder Cut of Justice League. We’ll get sneak peeks at Wonder Woman 1984 and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. We are also getting a 30 minute panel from Matt Reeves on his upcoming The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson. Now, to get our whistles wet for the panel, Reeves has showed everyone an official logo for the film, as well as some badass Jim Lee art inspired by the film.

Reeves jumped on Twitter to share both the official logo and artwork to help promote his panel at Fandome. Check it out here:

The Batman panel at DC FanDome will begin at 8:30 PM EST on August 22nd and will last approximately half an hour, with Reeves expected to unveil a number of surprises from his upcoming DC blockbuster. Fans have been dying to get more info, as well as a possible trailer, for the film ever since the controversial casting of Pattinson. After some stills were shared, and our first look at Robert in costume, people were really starting to get on board with the movie and want to know even more.

With a stellar cast involved, this film is garnering tons of fan appeal, and should hopefully give everyone a fresh take on the World’s Greatest Detective. While we’re not sure exactly what Reeves has in store for us this Saturday, but if is for sure going to be tons of new information none of us have seen yet. And, if we’re all lucky, maybe we’ll even get the long awaited trailer to see Bats in action. Whatever happens, the new logo definitely is great to see, as is the incredible artwork from the legendary Jim Lee.

What do you think of the official logo for The Batman? Let us know in the comments below!

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