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‘The Batman’ First Look At Robert Pattinson As Bruce Wayne Leaks Online

Matt Reeve’s The Batman is ready to set the DC Fandome event on fire when its panel hits later tonight. However – it looks like somebody couldn’t wait until then. As is the norm with social media nowadays, someone has leaked some pictures of controversial star, Robert Pattinson, as Bruce Wayne, and it’s not exactly the look one would expect from a billionaire playboy by day, crime fighter by night.

These pics are circulating all over Twitter and the internet and they showcase Pattinson in a seemingly dark iteration of Bruce Wayne. Now, while many outlets are sharing these pictures, we’re not 100% certain they are legit. However, if they are, this may be a Bruce who just recently returned to Gotham, and has not yet developed his ‘Wayne’ persona to hide his true identity as Batman. Throughout the long history of the Caped Crusader, Bruce has always been more of a mask and Batman has been his true reality. This version in the photos could be the real Bruce Wayne, shown as dark and unkempt, before realizing he needs to ‘play house’ as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

Again, it’s not clear whether these are legit pictures or not. They kind of look to be photoshopped, but it could just be that they are pre-production stills that haven’t been finalized. Whatever the case, we should find out for certain come The Batman panel later on tonight. One this is for sure, though, and that’s the anticipation for the stand alone film about the World’s Greatest Detective is at an all time high.

With an all star cast and the chance for an all new vision of one of the most popular heroes ever, The Batman has some major expectations to fulfill. Hopefully, the DC Fandome panel only fuels that fire and gives fans something to look forward to soon.

What do you think of these leaked Bruce Wayne pics? Let us know in the comments below!

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