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Marvel Has Given ‘The Eternals’ Movie An Official Title Change

There are times in this industry where news is shocking and out of left field. A new and unexpected trailer for a secret project drops. A beloved actor signs on to a major role, elating fans. A surprise character shows up in a blockbuster film. Then, there are times when a story breaks and you feel like, ‘Wait, you mean we didn’t already know that?’. This is one of those stories. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Marvel Studios has been fairly silent on any upcoming news. Now, it would seem they’ve made an official change to one of their Phase 4 films, Eternals.

ComicBook is reporting that Marvel has officially the ‘The’ from the film, Eternals. However, most people thought that the title was always Eternals. Especially since the official poster simply says ‘Eternals’, without a ‘the’. So, while this certainly isn’t drastic or shocking news, it is at least something from Marvel. Their silence isn’t sitting well with some fans, especially after all of the insight and information that came from the DC Fandome recently. As the world ever so slowly tries to get back to some semblance of normal, Marvel is moving forward with Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a very big part of that is the immortal enhanced humans known as the Eternals.

This title change, if it even is really a change, feels like a non matter. But, it does actually signify that Marvel is starting to make moves towards setting up the long delayed Phase 4. With Black Widow now in the November spot meant for Eternals, that film is set for release next May. And, being that May is only 9 months away, we should be getting some kind of teaser soon, possibly on the release of the solo Black Widow prequel film. And, as soon as more info is released, ScreenGeek will be there to get it to the fans.

Does this minor title change even register for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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