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Karl Urban Roasts Duncan Jones On Twitter After Suggesting New Dredd Actor

After the movie Dredd became something of a cult classic in 2012, having earned the respect of moviegoers over the years after a disappointing box office return, many fans have been waiting for actor Karl Urban to return to the role. While things are unclear on that front, and when exactly Judge Dredd will be making his return – which is currently intended for television – some are already proposing new actors to take Karl Urban’s place as the character. For example, director Duncan Jones has suggested Josh Brolin could replace Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, something which has caused a bit of a battle between the two.

When Duncan Jones made his suggestion that Josh Brolin play a new take on Dredd, he included the following caption: “Judge Dredd. Fight me.”

Well, Karl Urban certainly took his caption seriously. He responded by leaving a simple screenshot for Duncan Jones. In the screenshot is an image of the Rotten Tomatoes score for Warcraft, a film starring Josh Brolin which happens to have a 28% rating on the site.

It’s a pretty good response on Urban’s part, and it was enough that Duncan Jones responded with a now-deleted tweet. Duncan Jones decides to give Karl Urban a taste of his own medicine, and included the rating for a movie that Urban starred in – Doom – which has an even lower rating on Rotten Tomatoes than Warcraft.

Duncan Jones since been praising Karl Urban and his portrayal of Judge Dredd, and it’s no doubt a sign that Urban has a great sense of humor, if not a talent for outright killer comebacks. It goes to show that he’s got a lot more than just looks that have contributed to his great performance as Judge Dredd, and one can only hope he’ll be the one to return to the role at some later point in time.

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