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Marvel Just Released Iron Man’s Official Phone Number

How cool would it be to pick up your smartphone and be able to call your favorite superhero? Can you imagine hitting that rarely used phone app on your iPhone and getting the voicemail of a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist who also happens to be the one and only Iron Man? Well, now you can! Marvel Comics has released Tony Stark’s phone number in a very interesting way, and it actually is a working number! So, check out the preview for Thor #7 and get ready to make the call of a lifetime!

Writer Donny Coates took to Twitter to share a preview of the upcoming issue for the God of Thunder, and it shows a grounded Mjolnir with a brand new inscription on its side. Instead of the traditional ‘… if he be so worthy…’ words we’re all used to, it would seem that Thor wants people to reach out and touch someone. One person in particular, actually, Tony Stark. The inscription reads ‘Call Tony Stark 212-970-4133”. And, while this may seem like some sort of weird prank from the new All-Father, Thor, it actually serves a purpose.

Thor has recently been having some issues with his trusty hammer, as it is getting increasing heavier for no apparent reason. So, Thor dropped the hammer to Earth with said inscription so that someone could find it and call Stark to investigate. You would think the All-Father for the 10 Realms and the long time Avenger would have a direct line to Iron Man, but seemingly not, as he needs assistance to reach Stark.

Now, for those who still disdain the thought of a phone call so much that they would rather pass on speaking to Iron Man, fret not. Here is the voicemail message you will here if you call:

“Hi, Yes this is Iron Man however due to some big blonde jerk I no longer use this number, but hey, nice try anyway. For all things Tony Stark please visit and uh, Try and stay safe out there yeah? I’m busy enough as it is.”

You’ve got to applaud Marvel for going out of their way to set up a real phone number for fans to call, as well as the website that works as well. Little Easter Eggs like this definitely make fans happy to pick up new issues of comics to see what else might be in store.

Did you call the number for Tony Stark? Let us know in the comments below!

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