‘Supergirl’ Season 6 Will Be Its Final Season

The CW’s Arrowverse has brought many of DC’s greatest heroes to the small screen with shows like Arrow, The Flash, and more. They are even giving the Big Blue Boy Scout, Superman, his own CW series here shortly. However, nothing lasts forever. Stephen Amell and the Green Arrow took a bow after nine seasons. Ruby Rose walked away from Batwoman after just one season, but is being replaced. And now, it would seem that the Arrowverse isn’t big enough for two Kryptonian powerhouses, as Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl is ending at the end of Season 6.

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on the CW ending the series after their next season. This is not the first time this show has faced cancellation, as it nearly ended after its first season when CBS decided to let the show go. CW brought it to their Arrowverse, and gave it four more seasons and many crossovers. Now, as it prepares to end the series, the show will have a fifth season on the CW to tie up loose ends and come to a proper conclusion. Benoist took to Instagram to respond to the ending of the series, and shared some thoughts on what it has meant to her to play such a powerful icon for women everywhere.

“To say it has been an honor portraying this iconic character would be a massive understatement. Seeing the incredible impact the show has had on young girls around the world has always left me humbled and speechless.

She’s had that impact on me, too. She’s taught me strength I didn’t know I had, to find hope in the darkest of places, and that we are stronger when we’re united. What she stands for pushes all of us to be better. She has changed my life for the better, and I’m forever grateful.

I’m so excited that we get to plan our conclusion to this amazing journey, and I cannot wait for you to see what we have in store. I promise we’re going to make it one helluva final season. ♥️ el mayarah”

As to why the CW is cancelling the show is uncertain. While it is not the highest rated show in the Arrowverse, it isn’t the lowest, either. But, it could be that with the new Superman and Lois series coming that the channel doesn’t want too many Supes on the network at once. And, this series does leave the door open for Benoist to make appearances as the super powered cousin to the Last Son of Krypton.

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