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DeepFake Video: John Krasinski As Captain America

There was a time when another actor was up for the role of Captain America, the role that ultimately went to Chris Evans. Evans embodied the character like no other, rivaling the ‘perfect casting’ of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Evans was actually a worrisome casting for fans at first, knowing him only for minor comedy roles like Not Another Teen Movie. But, he shut every doubter up immediately once he hit the big screen as Steve Rogers, and went on to being a perfect live action representation for Marvel’s perennial hero. However, he almost didn’t get the role, as another actor with a seemingly similar comedic background nearly got the role. John Krasinski, was at the top of the casting list for Cap, but lost out the Evans in the end.

Now, we get to see what might have been in another DeepFake video.

Shamook, who did a DeepFake video of Krasinksi’s wife, Emily Blunt, as Black Widow (a role she had to turn down due to scheduling conflicts) has brought her husband to the fold and made a Captain America compilation with John’s face over Chris Evans’. Just like the Blunt video, it is still Evans’ voice in the clips, so it’s a little off putting, but seeing Krasinski in the red, white and blue uniform for Cap is definitely something to consider. After seeing John in action roles like Jack Ryan, fans are dying to get him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This video only wets our beaks more.

The current rumor is that Krasinski and Blunt are in open talks with Marvel to appear, possibly as the husband/wife team of Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic Four. Whatever role we get to see these two fantastic actors in, fans can’t wait to see them suit up in the MCU. Hopefully, we will get some kind of definitive answer on their involvement sooner rather than later.

What do you think of this DeepFake video? Let us know in the comments below!

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