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‘The Matrix 4′ Set Photos Give Keanu Reeves’ Neo A New – But Familiar Look

It is hard to deny just how much of a global treasure Keanu Reeves really is, especially in this day and age. The man brought us Bill & Ted Face The Music, a third film 30 years in the making, and absolutely killed it. And, he is the only person in Hollywood to revolutionize the action movie genre not once, but TWICE! On top of all of that, he is one of the most caring and genuine human beings to ever exist, and he may indeed be immortal (just check out all of the countless renaissance paintings that bare a striking resemblance to the man). Now, as he brings us yet another long awaited sequel in The Matrix 4, his long locks synonymous with his current run as John Wick have vanished, leading to speculation into plot points in the film.

Some behind the scenes photos from The Matrix 4 have surfaced on Twitter, and the show a buzzed Reeves. No, not ‘buzzed’ as in drunk, but is in all his luscious locks have been shaved off! Fans of the franchise should recognize this look, though. It resembles the times when Neo is removed from the simulation and released by Morpheus from his battery pod. Top that with previous BTS pictures of Reeves with his long hair and beard on set, and it would seem that Neo has to be informed of the Matrix once again, and ‘re-awoken’ to reality.

Reeves has previously discussed the script as a brilliant ‘love story’ and a ‘call to wake up’. This could very be a literal ‘wake up call’, bringing Neo back out of the simulation and making him aware one again of the computers and their control of the human race. And, with the way technology has advanced since the first films came out, it will be fascinating to see how the Matrix has evolved to keep humanity in check, and just how the ‘Chosen One’ will rebel to possibly bring it all down. Does this mission interfere with love? We’ll find out when The Matrix 4 hits theaters in December of 2021!

Are you excited to see Neo ‘born again’? Let us know in the comments below!

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