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Marvel Reveals Early Look At Peter Parker’s Homemade Spider-Man Suit

The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of everyone’s favorite Friendly, Neighborhood Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland expertly, has has more suits than he has had solo films thus far. Tony Stark made him his first true superhero outfit, and also an updated version we know as the ‘Iron Spider’ suit. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, he got a tactical black spy suit from Nick Fury, and then made his own version with Stark tech in the end. But, for this universe’s Peter Parker, it all started with his homemade suit. We didn’t get a long look at this suit, though, only really making a last minute appearance in the climactic ending of his first solo film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, thanks to the ever-giving Wakanda Files tie-in book, we’ve got a full on new look at Peter’s first attempt at a super suit.

In the book, which is an in-canon journal for Shuri that covers all the heroes in the MCU, we get what could very well be the first ‘picture’ of the character, a time before Stark discovered him on YouTube.


Made up of an old hoodie and sweatpants, Parker’s makeshift costume highlights not only his young age as a high school freshman, but also the hard times for him and Aunt May who aren’t exactly rolling in the dough. This suit is a great combination of Spidey’s first suit in the comics (when he took on ‘Crusher’ Hogan) and the Ben Reilly ‘Spider-Clone’ hooded look. One added aspect that Marvel added to the character was his ‘hyper vision’, with his senses overtly amplified, including his vision that made it very hard to focus without special goggles.

While a still pic can only show but so much, it does offer what could be the first actual appearance of this Spider-Man, circumventing the YouTube video Tony shows of him catching an SUV. So, even if you don’t think too much of the suit, it is still cool to have that first appearance in your collection, alongside so many other great Easter Eggs and little details.

What do you think of Spider-Man’s original, homemade suit? Let us know in the comments below!

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