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Rumor Says ‘Justice League 2’ Is Happening With Ben Affleck Return

Thanks to a very vocal fanbase pushing petitions and hashtags, WB will be releasing the Snyder Cut of Justice League on their HBO Max streaming service next year. The 4 hour event will showcase Zack Snyder back behind the director’s chair and giving everyone his original vision for the team up film. If fans remember, this was actually meant to be a two-part film series. Now, it will be 4 1-hour shows, before being combined into one very long film. As Snyder and the original cast start their reshoots for the film, talk of a possible sequel, and subsequently the rebirth of the ‘Snyderverse’, have emerged. The latest rumor is that Justice League 2 is indeed going to happen, and Ben Affleck will be back as Batman!

Accordingly to the U.K. site, Small Screen, multiple anonymous sources supposedly very close to the film have confirmed that the sequel will happen, and Affleck is already signed on. Of course, take this as all rumors and do so with a large grain of salt. Details are slim, mainly to avoid spoilers and because its far too early for any kind of spoilers. Also, the rest of the cast is apparently being pursued to return, including Ray Fisher, who is currently embroiled in a battle with Snyder’s replacement, Joss Whedon, and the studio itself. Affleck is the only one that has supposedly agreed to return thus far. It’s interesting that Affleck, of all the cast, is the first to jump onboard, however.

Affleck left the role as Batman after issues with the studio led him to leave his solo film behind and drop the cape and cowl. However, ever since signing back on to do the reshoots for Justice League, Affleck also signed on to cameo in the Flash’s solo flick which will likely handle the Flashpoint Paradox storyline. Rumors have him continuing the role on a Batman-centered series on HBO Max. Now, if this rumor is true, Affleck has seemingly done an 180º turn one giving up the role. Hopefully we can get confirmation on all of this soon.

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