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Scotland Ghost Sighting In Haunting Photo Goes Viral

It’s usually this time of year that’s perfect for a ghost story, and there’s currently a photo of a Scotland ghost sighting that’s likely going viral because of it. The photo, which was originally uploaded to Reddit last year, shows a ghastly looking face looking out the window of some Scottish ruins. The ruins date back to 3,000 B.C., and as such seem to be the perfect place for a ghostly figure to make an appearance.

And it certainly is interesting, as you can see for yourself below:

This picture was taken with a TLR Rolleiflex (made in 1930s) on Foma 400 film in Scotland in a ruin in a park near prehistoric (2000-3000 BC) burial ground in fall of 2016. Only scanned and cropped. The face in the window is visible on the negative film. from Ghosts

The redditor had this to say when he originally posted the image:

“Most people I know who have seen it say it is very interesting, that is why I posted it online,” Redditor u/MotorBiker1985 explained.

Obviously it’s hard not to be skeptical, but it’s also hard not to admit that it’s a creepy looking image. The face is clearly visible looking out the window, and it’s something that many people have been freaking out over. As further explained by the Redditor:

“Some see various expressions in the supposed face on the photo, some try to explain, however any explanation I have heard so far can be easily countered with various arguments,” they added.

So what does the Redditor themself believe? Well, as it turns out, they’re not sure. But they do like to keep an open mind about such subjects.

“I see everything on the basis of probability,” the Redditor mentioned. “For example, when I was younger I always believed in the Ebu Gogo legends – tiny wild people living on an Island in Indonesia, and when I was in my teens, their remains were discovered by scientists on Flores and are now classified as Homo Floresiensis.

“So in a way, I don’t rule out even improbable things.”

While we’ll likely never know the cause for the face peering out the Scotland ruins, which also appears on the negative for the image, it certainly does make for a good ghost story this time of year.

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