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‘Spider-Man 3’ Leaked Set Photos Reveal Tom Holland’s Latest Spider-Suit

The hype surrounding the still untitled Spider-Man 3, coming from the joint venture of Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, is at an all time high. All of the rumors and confirmations as to what is to come, from casting reports of classic Spider-Man actors joining the film to the repercussions it could have on both the Spider-Man franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward, have fans in a full on frenzy. This very well could be the most anticipated comic book movie of all time at this point, as everyone speculates that we’re getting a live action ‘Spider-Verse’ flick.

Marvel and Sony are doing their best to keep as much of this film as secret as possible. However, we now have some behind the scenes photos of the production that include Tom Holland in costume as well as some set pics that give us a timeframe for the plot.

Several Twitter accounts have shared some BTS photos of the film, including shots of a store front for Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop. In the window of the bakery, there are Christmas decorations, meaning the that movie will take place in December, same as when it will be released! Seeing as how Spider-Man: Far From Home took place around eight months after the events of Avengers: Endgame, i.e. the summer of 2024, this third film will take place about six months after Spidey’s identity was revealed to the world and he was framed for murder.

We also got pics of Tom Holland on set and in costume. The costume is the one he created at the end of his last movie, meaning he either hasn’t gone home at all and picked up the Iron Spider costume, or he just prefers the new suit. On that note, only time will tell. Now, these pics don’t really give us anything as far as what the Wall Crawler is up to in these scenes, but it is nice to see some clear on-set photos like this. Hopefully this will mean that we will get more leaked photos that may showcase some of the rest of the cast or at least give us an inkling as to what direction the plot is going in.

Whatever happens moving forward, as long as we keep getting more BTS pictures like these, fans can keep wetting their whistles on these morsels that will eventually lead to the main course of a trailer or more.

What did you think of these BTS pics? Let us know in the comments below!

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