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‘Spider-Man 3’ Set Photo Hints At Tom Holland’s Brother’s MCU Role

The still untitled Spider-Man 3 is arguably the most discussed film coming up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as for Sony Pictures. With all of the talks surrounding the extensive cast, including so many returning alumni for the multiple Spider-Man franchises, everyone is leaning to us getting a live action Spider-Verse movie. And, as the production is underway in Atlanta, we have gotten a few behind the scenes photos that have shown the time-frame for the film as well as Tom Holland in costume. Another interesting picture was that of Tom’s brother, Harry Holland, on set and wired up.

Now, a new behind the scenes photo seems to have given us some clues as to exactly who Harry is playing.


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The BTS picture shows Tom’s brother hanging upside down, captured by the Wall Crawler. It looks like Harry is getting a little cameo role as a mugger or thief. This will most likely be a one and done type of appearance. Unless Harry Holland is a named character from the comics, who takes his capture at the hands of the hero to heart and vows vengeance, he is probably just a petty crook who gets snagged by the Ole Web Head. Granted, the criminal should feel slighted, as Spider-Man will most likely be on the run after being framed for Mysterio’s murder and having his identity revealed. This means that even while his life has been figuratively flipped upside down, he is still flipping crooks upside down, literally.

It is nice to see Tom’s brother get a little spot in the film. Tom’s family has been incredibly vocal about how proud they are that he is a superhero. Now, Harry gets a piece of that pie, albeit a sliver. Come December, fans will have to remain eagle eyed to see if they can spot Harry Holland getting captured by his very own brother!

What are your thoughts on Harry Holland getting a small role in Spider-Man 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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