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“Cancel Disney Plus” Trends On Twitter After Gina Carano Was Fired

After actress Gina Carano made various controversial social media posts, she was fired from her role as Cara Dune on The Mandalorian by Disney. The controversial posts made by Gina Carano also led to her being dropped by her talent agency. While many fans had hoped she would be removed from the role, it seems many others have been upset by Disney’s decision. In fact, “Cancel Disney Plus” has been trending on Twitter now as a result.

It’s an interesting move on fans’ parts, especially considering how many were eager to see Gina Carano fired at first. But as with all things, the Star Wars fan base can be incredibly divisive, so it makes sense that there would be some backlash. Nevertheless, very few probably expected to see “Cancel Disney Plus” to be one of the trending topics on the next day. In any case, for those eager to cancel their own Disney Plus subscription in response to Disney’s decision, here’s the official instructions as taken from the official website:

If you signed up on Disney+, please follow the steps below to cancel your subscription:

  • Go to and log in
  • Select your Profile
  • Select Account
  • Select Cancel Subscription
  • Select Complete Cancellation to confirm

If you subscribed to Disney+ via your Apple or Android App, you must cancel directly with those providers. Please follow the links below for further instructions:

  • Cancel Disney+ on the Roku Channel store
  • Cancel Disney+ on the iTunes store
  • Cancel Disney+ on Google Play store
  • Cancel Disney+ through Amazon

Of course, it seems unlikely that Disney Plus will actually be canceled as the subscription service as a whole has been very successful for the company. And with that in mind, it doesn’t seem like Gina Carano’s removal will stop any progress with the upcoming third season of The Mandalorian. While her loss is surely felt by many, the future of the Star Wars franchise is a vast and bright one.

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