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Fans Bring Up Pedro Pascal Nazi Tweets After Gina Carano Was Fired

It looks like social media is continuing to blow up after Disney made the decision to fire actress Gina Carano from The Mandalorian. The actress, that fans will remember for playing Cara Dune, had been posting some rather controversial comments on social media. As a result, Disney made the move to take her off The Mandalorian. What’s more, she was also dropped by her talent agency. While some fans were happy for the decision to be made, others have been rallying against Disney for removing Gina Carano. They not only made “Cancel Disney Plus” one of the trending topics on Twitter recently, but now they’re also trying to get actor Pedro Pascal involved with the debacle. As some might remember, Pedro Pascal previously made tweets comparing Donald Trump supporters to Nazi members. This is relatively similar to Gina Carano’s own comments, which compared being a Republican to being a Jewish individual in Nazi Germany.

Fans that have brought up the since deleted tweets made by Pedro Pascal have noted that he didn’t receive any kind of consequence for making them. Meanwhile, Gina Carano lost her entire job working on The Mandalorian. It’s something which has plenty of conservatives upset about Disney’s decision. For example, one such critic gave the following tweet on the subject:

“Pedro Pascal, who plays the Mandalorian on Disney Plus, was not fired for this post on Instagram comparing Trump supporters to Nazis and Confederates,” read the tweet.

A few other tweets continue these criticisms, while others have been rather forgiving of the actor. They also don’t believe that Pedro Pascal should be fired as Gina Carano was by Disney.

While plenty of fans are upset with Disney for having fired Gina Carano, and given no such punishment to Pedro Pascal for his Nazi tweets, it seems unlikely that any further action will be taken. Much like with the “Cancel Disney Plus” trend, it seems like a futile effort. Disney has made up their mind, and The Mandalorian appears to be moving without Gina Carano.

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