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WarnerMedia CEO Calls Out Toxic ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut Fans

Every fanbase has both positive and negative fans. The fanbase for DC films, and especially the divisive two cuts of the blockbuster Justice League, is no exception. With that in mind, WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff has called out toxic Snyder Cut fans. And she outright stated that their behavior is “reprehensible.”

Here’s what she specifically stated while speaking with Variety:

“We’re not tolerating any of that. That behavior is reprehensible no matter what franchise you’re talking about or what business you’re talking about. It’s completely unacceptable. I’m very disappointed in the fans that have chosen to go to that negative place with regard to DC, with regard to some of our executives. It’s just disappointing because we want this to be a safe place to be. We want DC to be a fandom that feels safe and inclusive. We want people to be able to speak up for the things they love, but we don’t want it to be a culture of cancelling things that any small faction isn’t happy with. We are not about that. We are about positivity and celebration.”

She makes a variety of great points for fans to take in and understand. While allowing Zack Snyder to recut and release Justice League as his original vision intended – it also opened something of a can of worms. Many fans have taken the opportunity to speak negatively about DC, for a variety of reasons, and have continued to complain about many other DC and Warner Bros projects. Luckily, it looks like WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff isn’t going to tolerate these toxic Snyder Cut fans or anyone else that is overly negative. As she said herself, they “are about positivity and celebration.”

On that note, fans should definitely be happy that Zack Snyder was able to complete his cut of Justice League – and that the new release is now streaming on HBO Max. It really is a good time to be a fan of these properties.

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